London Film Festival Reviews – Radical Art Review

The Art, the Artist, and Ru Paul’s Drag Race – Radical Art Review

The Twisted Orwell – Peach Street Magazine

Reclaiming Lit – Teen Belle Magazine

Creative Non-Fiction

Taco Bell the American – The Daily Drunk

The Chaplaincy – Multiplicity


Darkroom – Stone of Madness Press

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE! – X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

The Sweet, Dank Grasping of the Land – Reflex Press

Delete as Applicable – Spelk

Rules to Live By – Teen Belle Magazine

Hoard – FlashFlood


Groveley Woods – Versification

Pissed in the Kitchen – Versification

On Going to Collect My 2-Year-Old From Inside the Inflatable Kingdom – Perhappened


A Day in the Life of an Apathetic Female Protagonist – The Fence

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